One night stand 2008 wikipedia nastola

one night stand 2008 wikipedia nastola

hit Cor Von with a Singapore cane. 2 7 Next on the card was Mark Henry versus Kane in a Lumberjack match with twelve lumberjacks at ringside; Chris Benoit, Val Venis, Santino Marella, Balls Mahoney, Stevie Richards, The Miz, Kevin Thorn, Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro, Chavo Guerrero, Kenny Dykstra and Carlito. Batista defeated Jericho on the May 19, 2008 episode of Raw to earn the right to face Michaels at One Night Stand in a Stretcher match. Jeff Swanton bombed Haas as Matt climbed the ladder to get the belts and win. "Update on Brock Lesnar WWE lawsuit, Paul Heyman/ECW PPV, more". Back inside the ring, as Umaga was holding a trash can in front of Lashley's face in the corner, Shane attempted to execute the Coast-to-Coast dropkick ; however, Lashley moved away, and Shane dropkicked the trash can into Umaga's face. ECW's Bobby Lashley battled Raw's Vince McMahon for the ECW World Championship. Start your free trial.

One night stand 2008 wikipedia nastola - One Night

Plot Summary, add Synopsis, plot Keywords: tv special wrestling. "Beat upon by The Glamazon". 18 Vince was scheduled to face Lashley in an arm wrestling contest on the June 2 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event. Edge then climbed the Ladder and got the World Heavyweight Championship, thus winning, and as the per-match stipulation, banishing The Undertaker from the WWE. The next match was the Singapore Cane on a Pole match between one night stand 2008 wikipedia nastola The Big Show, John Morrison, CM Punk, Chavo Guerrero and Tommy Dreamer.

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