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Many consumers love to handle non-packaged products. This reminds them of traditional markets where they can see, touch and smell authentic products.

People experience non-packed products as less industrialised, more authentic, fresher and more natural than packaged products.

Based on this perception Zelected Foods in 2009 launched a totally new concept of selling snacks.
It is based on an ingenious, patented dosing system. This lets the consumer pick & mix delicious snacks without compromising hygiene or food safety.

In less than one year SnackZ became established in 10 countries and in 2010 we were awarded the SIAL-Price which is only given to the world’s most innovative products. At The SIAL Food Trade Fair in Paris same year SnackZ got the Gold Medal for most votes for a Danish product.
We of course are very proud of these awards!

But success doesn’t happen by itself. We continuously strive to develop our concept in order to always meet consumer’s needs and preferences.


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